Theatre is Fraser's bread and butter, and he aims for high standards with his product and performance. The aim is to offer theatres, performance venues and schools the opportunity to experience quality theatre in English.

The aim is to have at least two productions to offer at any one time. The early productions will be aimed at classic literature and will be supplemented with study guides for educational professionals.

He is also available for other professional theatre productions, both as an actor and director.

Voice Over

Fraser is adept at adjusting his voice to suit the occasion. Authoritative, mild, fast or slow, he has done information films, adverts and is a natural narrator.

Experience with various accents in English range from north to south in the UK, with Scottish, Geordie, Yorkshire, West Country and Estuary being particularly fluent. He has had to perform using many different accents, from Russian and Spanish to the unique polite tones of Minnesota in the USA.

New challenges are always welcome, and Fraser also offers a very natural British-accented Swedish too!

Film and Extras Work

With theatre taking much of Fraser's attention, he has not worked extensively behind a camera. However,  he is keen to learn and take whatever opportunities he can to familiarise himself with the workings of film.

Fraser is patient, can take direction and adds energy to even the smallest of roles. His most recent television outing was on the mini-series Systrar 1968. His look is versatile and adaptable.


While not destined for the catwalk, Fraser is keen to model for adverts, brochures or information literature. He takes direction well and is well turned out. His long curly hair and idiosyncratic look makes for compelling photography.

On the look out for more experience in this field, Fraser is keen and adaptable to most challenges and is willing to travel.

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